Virtual Reality made accessible for your projects

engaging world design for VR

ALTKEY combines the raw creative talent and technological skills of its team to create innovative virtual reality experiences.

We create projects for:

We thrive in designing immersive experiences that will surprise and engage your audience!




And more...

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When you combine the passions for art, innovation and technology, amazing things can happen!

We are experts at:


We create dynamic environments that respond to your actions.


We elaborate story worlds that engage users in immersive adventures.



We use the latest technologies to bond the story to the experience.

Meet the creators

Sharing more than 15 years of experience in content creation and technology, we design experiences that goes beyond imagination.

Mathieu Savard

Technology Director

Mathieu uses is coding skills and vibrant energy to share his vision with leadership and passion.

Dany Robitaille

Creative Producer

As a team leader he shares his vision to bring surprises and emotions across all projects.

Our solution to your project is our

VR-AR Storytelling Toolbox

An ecosystem of strategic components that can be arranged and tailored to your needs for a unique VR-AR experience.

Modular Components

Choose only the features that are relevant to your project needs, and focus on the experience!

Agile Mindset

Our flexible approach drives our mindset, and enables us to quickly address changes and tweak the experience up until completion.

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Fast Development

Speed up development and iteration time by using the latest and most efficient VR modules.

Cost Efficiency

By reducing the cost of VR development, we create more leverage to uplift the experience to your expectations, if not exceed them!

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News from our blog

Enter the world of famous scientists in augmented reality !


Official launch of "Ondes virtuelles", multidisciplinary arts in virtual reality.


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