A journey in VR/AR begins

August 8, 2016

We all knew each other for a while. We worked at the same place 15 years ago. After parting towards different paths, we often crossed each other in our home town of Quebec City. We even occasionally met while traveling at events like GDC and SXSW. Could it be that the world was drawing us back to get to work together again?


With extensive but complementary backgrounds in interactive content production and multimedia, it was no surprise to many when we announced that we started working together. We didn’t do anything yet, but for some this new association meant “RAW POTENTIAL”.


People were curious of our ideas and future projects, one of our concept even reached the finals of a video game contest, but most importantly, new opportunities in VR called in early summer.

Indeed, our experience in interactive development (in Unity3D) and 3D production caught the attention of a client who was in the need for a VR team to deliver upcoming projects. After a few discussions, we decided to move forward with our plan.


The plan was ALTKEY. And as the story was just about to begin, we embarked on a new journey in VR/AR and unlock these new realities ahead. With a few projects successfully completed, we are confident and hopeful for the future of interactive VR/AR.

Want to learn more or discuss new ideas for a project? Get in touch now, the VR/AR journey has begun and it’s not going to be waiting for you any longer!


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