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What is an interactive mural?

It is a wall on which you can paint virtually to create a fresco directly on a wall.

By manipulating controllers, users have virtual paint brushes in their hands. They can then choose a color of their choice by dipping their brush into one of the three virtual paint buckets available. Then, by approaching the controllers near the wall, they can create a fresco out of light.

These virtual brushes work just like real brushes except they do not leave a permanent mark on the wall since the colors are lights coming from a projector.

From a menu available on a secondary screen, artists could choose their color preferences for their paint buckets, the shape of their virtual brush (eg.: diamond, circle or other), the background color for their fresco and several other parameters. It's like your wall becomes a huge Photoshop canvas (for those who know this software).

ALTKEY presented its interactive mural during different events.

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