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The Planetary Boundaries VR project originated from an idea at Stockholm Resilience Centre, and the idea has now been translated to VR in a collaboration with ALTKEY Studio, the leading VR experts.

The Virtual Reality (VR) production Planetary Boundaries - the VR experience (PBVR) is a groundbreaking exploration of the use of VR technology to communicate sustainability science. The experience is based on the Planetary Boundaries research, a leading framework in sustainability science, originally developed by Professor Johan Rockström at Stockholm Resilience Centre together with an international team of researchers. The nine Planetary Boundaries is a quantification of how much pressure we can put on Earth’s biogeochemical flows before they change to the point they become unable to support civilizations as we know them.

PBVR presents strong visual material and immersive environments that translate the highly complex science into an experience that is advanced enough to inform experts, yet accessible to a global audience of mixed professional backgrounds. This is the first time this version of the experience will be shown.

We have partnered with different experts to bring this project to the next level. Globaia shared with us impressive planet Earth's visualizations that we ingrated to the experience. There's also Peak Media who worked on the experience's ambiant sounds and music adding this immersive space-like feeling.

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