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The Plains of Abraham Museum is known for its dynamism, its animated and interactive component accessible to all audiences. Stéphane Roy, director of the museum, wanted to put art at the service of history by creating an original exhibition presenting, through significant characters, the history of the Plains of Abraham. He was able to convince Jérôme Trudelle, a talented artist who received the Videre Relève Prize in Visual Arts in 2020, to imagine works showing history in a different way.

Jérôme uses everyday materials to which he breathes lightness and transparency. He delivers a three-dimensional vision to encourage immersion in his universe, using wires to suspend his works, Jérôme's works seem to float in space like a cloud.

For this particular exhibition, Jérôme, with the help of Émile Prince, set up shop at the Chambre Blanche and used photogrammetry to scan actors, then printed them in 3D, layer by layer, using an automated cardboard cutter and a lot of patience. The pieces were then painted white and hung in an exhibition hall of the Plains Museum, which was specially redesigned to accommodate the sculptures.

Stéphane Roy called upon ALTKEY to create a digital guide to accompany this exhibition and tell the story of these characters. The digital application, available on a tablet with headphones provided for your visit, allows you to learn more about the various characters presented in the exhibition with texts and sound bites. The application also contains quizzes, slideshows with old photos, videos and a 3D viewer to see the model scans from the photogrammetry. All of this is accompanied by several musical pieces specially designed by Josué Beaucage, musician, singer, composer and sound designer from Quebec City.

Do not miss the AERIA exhibition at the Plains of Abraham Museum. This exhibition is accessible since June 16.

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