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Groupe BMR is the first Quebec player in the renovation field. Every year, BMR organizes a tradeshow for its partners and suppliers in order to discover new products and BMR exclusivities. Nearly 3000 participants are expected to attend this show.

To demonstrate innovation and interest in new technologies, BMR asked Valtech Canada, a digital marketing agency, and ALTKEY to design a virtual reality application highlighting BMR products.

In the BMR experience, participants are transported to a first room (the lobby) where the sweet voice of Valérie Taillefer (BMR's design ambassador) welcomes them and invites them to visit one of the two virtual rooms in front of the user, either the kitchen or the patio. 

When the user physically walks through the frame of one of the doors, he is then transported into the new room where the environment is getting built around him. This animated step allows BMR to showcase some of their major partners (building materials).

Once in the new room, Valerie invites users to point on the elements of the decor to modify them. When an element is selected, the user can then change its style by swiping left or right on the controller's touchpad. For example, in the kitchen, participants can change the faucets, light fixtures, cabinets, door handles, wall color, floors, countertops, and more. The other room, the patio area, also has many modifiable elements, such as furniture, patio stain and more.

When users are finished, they can change spaces by walking back to the exit, but before they leave the room, they will be able to see, on a wall display, the list of products they have selected. At the bottom of the display is a button that allows BMR to send an email to the participant. This email contains an image of the final result of their choice as well as the list of products selected. A good way to transform the experience into concrete sales in store.

A kiosk was specially designed for the experience and it included an outdoor screen to share the demo with passers-by. The application also collects statistics such as the most popular choices and email addresses of the participants.

Even Hugo Girard, Quebec's strongman and BMR spokesperson, tried and liked the BMR virtual reality experience. Rarely a virtual reality controller seemed so small in the hand of a user.

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