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Use the special Pictionary Air™ to draw on air, see it on your device and mirror to the TV in this hysterical way to play Pictionary™, the classic family drawing game. Choose from 4 games: Pictionary Air™, Pictionary Air™ Star Wars™, Pictionary Air™ Harry Potter™ or Pictionary Air™ Kids vs. Grown-Ups.

Launched in 2019 by Mattel, Pictionary Air is the new way to play the popular board game Pictionary. The goal of Pictionary is to get your team to guess a word by drawing. In Pictionary Air, players can draw out of thin air by waving an "Air crayon" in front of the camera of their mobile device (cell phone or tablet). Their drawing appears on the screen and this is how the other players in the team can guess their clue. The advantage of Pictionary Air is that players can also interact with their drawings by miming to help their team guess.

ALTKEY's first involvement was to include a new game mode around the fantastic Harry Potter property. A new visual and sound signature was integrated, but also a new game mode with the appearance of magical spells including the creation of fire lines, water lines and others to be drawn with the custom Pictionary Air wand.

After the launch of the Harry Potter version, ALTKEY took over the development of Pictionary Air on its own for Mattel. We added downloadable content. We redesigned the pencil detection algorithms to work with the latest versions of mobile operating systems. We adapted the application for China. And we integrated a 360 stabilization system to counteract the movements of players holding the phone in their hand.

Then, in 2022, we updated the interfaces, but more importantly, we added a new game mode around the incredible Star Wars property (in the top 5 most profitable media franchises of all time). The robots R2D2, C3PO, Gonk, Chopper and, of course, BB8 make their appearance in Pictionary Air. They interact with players to help them, but they also sometimes have misfires that affect player drawings.

Pictionary Air is available in several languages (+30), it is sold all over the world and reaches millions of players. The latest version is available on the Google Play Store (for Android) and App Store (for iOS).

The development of Pictionary Air continues and we already have some great innovations coming up for 2023.

Stay tuned...

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