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Check out the updated Jurassic World Play App (previously "Jurassic World Facts") and start your Dino Trackers adventure! Dinosaurs are found all around the world, and now you can track, rescue, and release dinosaurs into their correct habitats, including the jungle, mountains, desert, and shore. Jurassic World Play is now an activity hub that advertise Mattel's toy collection featuring dinosaurs from to Jurassic World brand. This app is for kids from 5 to 8 years old and new content is added multiple times a years. ALTKEY joined the project in 2021 to add augmented reality and mini-games as request by the young users.

In 2018 was the theatrical release of the movie "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom". To push the marketing of their toy dinosaurs, Mattel commissioned Frima Studio to create a "Jurassic World Facts" mobile app related to their toys. In this fun app, kids can learn more about their favorite dinosaurs. In addition to seeing their 3D dinosaurs come to life on the screen, they could also test their knowledge by taking factual quizzes about dinosaurs. In addition, the toys sold in stores had visual markers, and by scanning these markers in the app, kids could land additional information about them and get a 360-degree animated 3D view of their dinosaur. The app also features a massive streaming video section provided by Mattel and sorted by dinosaur type.

The development of Jurassic World Play continued between Mattel and ALTKEY. In March 2022, a new version was released, this version was completely reworked by our talented artists and programmers. The target audience of Jurassic World Play being between 4 and 7 years old, the application had to be simpler, more accessible. The quizzes are still part of the application, but they are no longer put forward. Now, players have access to a simplified visual data sheet allowing them to easily understand the size, weight, eating habits and even the location where bones of this dinosaur were found on earth. Additional videos are also continuously added to the gallery.

That's not all, thanks to augmented reality, the new application now allows you to see the dinosaurs in 360 degrees in the app, but also in your own world. Indeed, children can make their dinosaurs appear directly in their environment. Either in a virtual 3D lab with special X-ray views or, in straight augmented reality with sizes ranging from toy size to the actual size of the dinosaur.

The application is now an activity hub. Therefore, a new and very popular section has been added to the application, it is the games/activities section with already two games. The first game is "Wild Capture Ride" a wild ride through the forest to capture dinosaurs, users have to turn their phone left and right like a steering wheel to control their vehicle and drive up to the dinosaur and then, put it to sleep with darts to capture it.

A second game "Sound Adventure" accompanied the launch of the "Jurassic World Dominion Outpost Chaos" playset. Players can choose a sound environment and free play with Jurassic World’s themed sounds. They can even record their sound sequence to play it back later.

More mini-games will be added to the application very soon!

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