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Professor Nicolas Brault teaches the course Immersive Exploration in the Bachelor of Art and Science of Animation (better known as BASA) at Laval University. Following their succession and professional development plan, the interactive studio of the National Film Board (NFB) also participates in the course to accompany the students and the professor in the creation of original content.

ALTKEY was invited to the course as a technology consultant to allow the students to create an immersive augmented reality experience. BASA students are seasoned artists and skilled with new technologies, but their academic background does not include the knowledge needed to create an augmented reality application. 

BASAR is an application made by ALTKEY that allows 2D and 3D students to visualize their creations in augmented reality. A procedure allows student artists to put their realization on a server and then to see their realization in context thanks to augmented reality.

To make the augmented reality appear in context, 4 locations were determined within the interior spaces of the pavilion "La Fabrique" of Laval University. These locations were then distributed to the students and they had to realize, in teams, contextual immersive augmented reality experiences.

Because of all the constraints of development on mobile devices, and in augmented reality, this application, for Android and iOS, offered an interesting learning environment for the students.

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One of the small character from ALTKEY enjoying a VR headset.
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