ALTKEY pitches its tent at Le Camp


ALTKEY pitches its tent at Le Camp

Like many tech startups, we started developing our first few VR projects remotely in our spare time. Although it didn’t take long before we were spending most of our time experimenting with this brand new HTC Vive kit. One problem persisted, we had to work closely together in the same place.

Luckily, Quebec City had a place waiting for us at the center of its tech neighborhood in Saint-Roch. Let’s just say that it was a no-brainer when we were given the opportunity to join Le Camp.

Le Camp is an incubator where tech startups can fine tune their business model and harvest opportunities. Thanks to the support of Quebec International (QI) and many other mentors and donors, ALTKEY will have access to resources and an extensive network to develop its full potential.

Along the journey, we will be supported by their dedicated “sherpa” Mariona Ferrer to guide us in these new lands. Part of QI’s team as Business Development Director, Ferrer is tasked with fostering sector mobilization and helping companies to develop their IP and improve their readiness to do business internationally.

Lucky us, she’s on our team.

And how about you? Come to our side to learn more on our story, and let us help in unfolding yours through virtual reality!

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