Official launch of "Ondes virtuelles", multidisciplinary arts in virtual reality.


Last Saturday was the grand opening of the multidisciplinary art's installations for the 20th of the Mois Multi in Québec City.

ALTKEY was proud to take part in the event and launch a collaborative production presented in virtual reality: Ondes virtuelles.

Ondes virtuelles is the result of a close collaboration with Productions Recto-Verso, Collectif LAS and ALTKEY. Last year Collectif LAS presented their show Ondes, which was mixing visual arts, dance and audio-visual effects. Afterwards, ALTKEY thought of a way to extend the show and bring it into an immersive experience that would allow the users to enter the Collectif LAS's creative world and take part in the show.  

The experience brings the participants into three creative rooms: the art studio, the dance floor and the projections room. With the controller, the users can move around the space and interact with the surrounding environment. They can paint, hit paper, project animations on walls and activate videos. By interacting within the experience, the immersion creates a stronger emotional reaction than just being a spectator.

It is possible to try Ondes virtuelles at Meduse from February 17th until March 3rd.


541 rue De Saint-Vallier Est,

Québec (Qc) G1K 3P9

For more information:

Special thanks to Quebec City for the financial support for this innovative leading project.

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