Quebec City supports ALTKEY!


As part of Quebec City's Entrepreneurship and Regional Development Division, the City had recently launched a call for projects Quebec City, an entrepreneurial city 2016. The objective was to support the creation of innovative, structuring and job-creating businesses, as well as to encourage entrepreneurial succession on the territory of the agglomeration of Quebec by financing entrepreneurial projects with an innovative and solid business model.

Today, we are proud to announce that the project submitted by ALTKEY was selected among the many proposals and will begin its development in the following weeks.

The project code named “LouVR” consists of an interactive platform for visualizing content in virtual reality, and aims to expand the reaches of VR technologies throughout many business channels. Technology Director Mathieu Savard shall be leading the development of the project in 2017.

Want to learn more about this upcoming project? Although we might keep it secret for a while, we would love to hear you thoughts on the concept! Drop us a line and let’s start the conversation.

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One of the small character from ALTKEY enjoying a VR headset.
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