ALTKEY's augmented reality filters for Facebook


Augmented reality (AR) is definitely one of 2018's trend and ALTKEY's team was ready to be part of it.

The team already worked on various AR projects (Virtual Portals, virtual objects & logos, gaming) using Vuforia's and Apple's ARKit or Google's ARCore. Those projects were used for entertainment and marketing purposes and were a great way to dive into the AR world and all of its possibilities.  

Internal testing Facebook filters

This year Facebook decided to launch its own Snapchat alternative, bringing AR filters through their multiple platforms (Instagram, Messenger and, of course, Facebook itself). ALTKEY decided to team up with Québec City Film Festival to develop multiple unique filters featuring the event's graphic branding. Users can try out the seven filters right now and take part in the festivities by recreating a personalized poster with their own pictures & videos. As we were working on these, Facebook AR Studio kept updating their development software and opened even more possibilities. It feels great to deliver an innovative project that brings so much fun to people.

Seeing the growth speed of technology and all the novelty, we can say that we're just getting started and I bet the future is full of surprises. Get ready !  🙌

Festival de cinéma de la Ville de Québec

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