New circuits in Montréal en Histoires


New circuits in Montréal en Histoires

In 2019 ALTKEY released the new and improved version of the popular Montreal en Histoires application. This application allows, among other things, to access in real time the sound content of the many architectural projection boards of Cité Mémoire. Cité Mémoire contains more than 25 paintings inspired by the history of Montreal, it is a meeting of a multitude of characters witnessing the evolution of the city through time and it is the largest outdoor projection tour in the world. But the application also contains over 150 points of interest on the island of Montreal. These points of interest are sometimes podcasts, slideshows with audio support, videos, augmented reality and 360 degree videos.

The adventure of Montreal in History continues, as, since 2019, several features and additional original content were integrated into the application.


Stay tuned, as we are preparing the unveiling of some incredible new circuits somewhere in 2023.

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