Enter the world of famous scientists in augmented reality !


Who would have thought one day it would be possible to go back in time and physically visit Albert Einstein's classroom

or to get close with Radium in Marie Curie's laboratory (without the radiation, of course). Well, it's now possible on a mobile phone with augmented reality.

Today Is Art Day started with a collection of artist figurines and now launches a new collection, The Historical Figures, offering a series of scientific figurines featuring: Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Nikola Tesla et Leonardo da Vinci.

This new collection has a companion app: "The Historical Figures AR" which offers to travel back in time, opening a virtual portal using augmented reality, to visit the environment of those famous characters. ALTKEY is very proud to be part of this production of this captivating and educational project.

To see the full potential of the experience get it now for free on your mobile devices:

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